Stand Tall: Year That Was

As the year draws to a close, it is only relevant that one reflects upon the year that was.
And given the topic is ‘wrapping up’ I hope to give an insight and a little background   to what was  undoubtedly a turbulent year across the world…in a lil rhyme.

I’m the perseverance of the Palestinian nation 

I’m the hope n ambition of the Egyptian congregation

I’m the Courage n determination of the Arab revolution

I’m the struggle of the Gazan people facing daily execution

Dime bombs uranium n white phosphorus solution 

I’m the 63% of people that suffer daily from malnutrition 

I’m the inmates of Guantanimo convicted without prosecution

I’m every law violated in the U .N constitution

I’m the retribution of the minority-demonised, silenced and taped

I’m the innocence of a country, molested, obliterated and raped

9/11 u fool was no f*n mistake,
Orchestrated by American demons of the underworld, wearing black capes.

Don’t believe me? Take a look back and rerun the tape

It’s all (part of) a piece of the puzzle for superiors to dominate

U.S and Zionist officials lay bak and celebrate

Devising plots to ensure  the Middle East completely capitulate 

10 years have past (since) but there’s nothing to celebrate

Get ready it’s all set for the new world order to take place

Just to reiterate we’re all gazans living in a bubble

We are strong we stand tall in the face of struggle..


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