Going through life taking our time

Oblivious to the fact that times going by

Every second that passes is a second to late,

So it’s time to sit down now and contemplate

This world is a dillusion a mirage a mass deception 

Aimed to test and give the fickle minded a wrong impression

See the world for what it is, not through the tube of deception

A temporary dwelling place needed to gain momentum

To gather more deeds before the day of Resurrection:

Our deeds will talk the ink all dried no mistake no correction

Your fate is sealed your destiny is known and faces will change complexion

You preferred this life over the after life; you were lured and enticed,
You thought u had it all and it was heaven; nay but it was a fools 

It’s not too late by any means

fill your book with endless deeds

Swallow your pride and self esteem

Your deen is your identity
Your deen is your priority 
Your deen is your entity
Ensure that it is exemplary,

Whether your stricken with poverty sickness rich or poor,

Know that you can always manage to do more

If these tests didn’t exist, on the day on Judgement we would be poor

It’ll be worth it in the end with the boundless pleasures and reward..


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